Tim Walz has lied from the beginning. Whether it be about Line 3, COVID, or the George Floyd riots, everyones knows he’s a liar. Visit www.rocksandcows.org to learn more about his lies.

Got a new game. Here’s my answer: #TimWalzLies @GovTimWalz

Moloch-Pleasing Minnesota works, too. #TimWalzIsForKillingBabies

“My mask protects you and your mask protects me.” Cult training 101. Anyone they fell for that bullshit is an epic fool. No wonder humanity is in the condition it’s in. @GovTimWalz #TimWalzLies


I predict we won’t get a lot of snow this winter here in northern Minnesota. Wanna know why? I bought a brand new snowblower and rebuilt the engine in my snowmobile, that’s why. #MnWinter #ClimateHoax #TimWalzLies #TwoStrokeSmoke #CylinderIndex

Went to the lake today to pack the driveway and check on the place. The lake is 99% froze over. Itasca county is gods country. #SplitTheState #TimWalzLies #WalzFailed #GreaterMinnesota #ItascaCounty


Making some cables while i watch the game. Gotta keep busy until the new grandson gets to come home. Hopefully tonight. Won’t be too much longer before @GovTimWalz taxes the rest of us small business owners out of existence. #WalzFailed #TimWalzLies #TaxAndDestroy #RocksAndCows

Too many Minnesotans — including the #mnleg journo who took this photo — suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

But that’s okay. We’ll keep doing our work to expose the #TimWalzLies

Trust me, there are many many more. You know we’ll find them all.

[email protected] don’t forget about the idiots in MN that reelected #TimWalzLies and all his cohorts. Pathetic! Apparently the burning of Mpls, constant crime, COVID masks and is what they like, plus especially important is being able to kill your baby

I will never forget. When you vote today please remember what @Tim_Walz & the rest of the Democrats have done to our state!

Election misinformation!

@MinnesotaDFL doesn’t acknowledge @GovTimWalz drunken jailing and 0.128 blood test.

South Lake PD notorious for DWI arrests- they would have tested and arrested if needed. Report itself says no impairment.

The DFL lies and #TimWalzLies

Minnesota DFL Party @MinnesotaDFL

Tyler Kistner has some explaining to do about his July 29th car crash.

Here we see @GovTimWalz #maskerbating in public. Why? Because he knows masks are a farce, he didn’t wear them except for photo ops, and it’s in his way. #TimWalzLies Do not vote for @Tim_Walz or he will make this permanent. For you. Not himself.

“For our Health” and “#OneMinnesota “

Nebraska Fats and Jan Malcolm’s decision to close pools and rinks. Two unqualified gomers with no instinct.

Still can’t believe the bullshittery. Coach thinks we are just babies in his nursery.



Maple Grove & Blaine For @drscottjensen @BirkMatt #HealMN #TimWalzLies


Great pic(top right or second pic) @keithellison LOVE the pink sign in the back. She has it correct! #TimWalzLies @TimWalzLies #WalzFailed Tuesday can’t come soon enough. Worst AG, worst Governor, pathetic LT. Gov & you whole crime ridden administration will soon be retired!!

Keith Ellison @keithellison

DFLers in Austin MN are fired up and ready to GO!

You eat more Sweet Martha’s cookies in a day than there are people in this room, @Tim_Walz Looks and sounds like you stopped in a memory care unit somewhere and people don’t know what they’re clapping for. #TimWalzLies

Tim Walz @Tim_Walz

Packed house in Rochester. They’re ready to move Minnesota forward!

8th grader is being made to write how well #Timwalzlies has done as gov in class.
She said there wasn’t enough time to finish assignment today, but said was good b/c he gave small business money.
We told her all about what really happened & look forward to seeing the assignment.

You are H3.
After the rumble you can add one trio.
#wwe #TheElite #aew #RoyalRumble #AllOut #prowrestling #TimWalzLies

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